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At Intute, we empower primary school students through personalised learning.

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Intute allows home tutors to teach better than school teachers by leveraging on technology which enables personalised practice. With targeted questions and lesson plans, students can improve faster even with less practice.

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Intute is more than just a learning management system. It is a collaboration between tutors, techies and nonprofits across Singapore to build an educational ecosystem where every student can flourish regardless of circumstance.

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With our tech-enhanced home tuition platform, take charge of your child’s learning and witness growth at each step of the way.


Personal home tutors at the touch of a button.

Yeah… we know. It could be inconvenient and daunting to source for tutors by ourselves. We also feel compelled to pay more for a tutor with a good reputation, or who is someone we know.

Intute screens every of our tutors to ensure that your child receives the best tuition possible. Our rates are all fixed, and you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs!

To achieve better tutor-student match, your child will be prompted to take our online diagnostic test for us to assess your child’s learning needs.


Learning made faster through technology.

A lot of time during a normal tuition lesson is wasted on having your child solve practice questions that they could have done outside of the lesson. That’s less learning time for your child and more money being wasted. Enough said.

With Intute, your child would receive and complete tailored practice questions before every lesson. Our platform tracks your child’s learning progress at each step of the way, enabling tutors to start the next lesson well-informed. This makes it possible for every child to improve fast even with lesser practice.


Your child's learning under your control.

Here comes the really fun part. With Intute, you could literally witness your child’s improvements and growth!

As a parent, you will be given an account that allows you to track your child's productivity during lessons. Have instant access to the number of questions attempted per lesson, homework progress, scores and even mastery levels broken down by topic.


Do Good. Feel Good.

Now, when you enrol your child in Intute’s program, you empower us to provide the platform to 5 underprivileged students at volunteer-based tuition programs. With better academic support, we aim to drive positive social changes through education. You Win, I Win, Everybodeh Wins!

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